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Workshop Intensive Attendance

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What's a Workshop Intensive?

Each summer we offer junior high and high school students the opportunity to gather in our facilities for Workshop Intensives.  Students prepare repertoire for upcoming performances, interact with faculty on a variety of subjects, and spend time in the practice room alone working up repertoire for lessons and upcoming performances.  It's an unusual, but effective open house approach to cultivate student skills and interests.

What's the agenda for June 3-7, 2013?

The week of June 3-7, student jazz combos will be meeting at our Decatur location to prepare repertoire for upcoming fundraising events.  We're also going to spend time showing students how to make effective use of Berklee PULSE, the award winning interactive music education resource we are proud to offer our students through our affiliation with Berklee as a City Music Network member.  

Students are welcome from 9 am to noon.  If family schedules require the student to come earlier or stay later, that can be arranged by emailing Phil@CMCAtlanta.com  

Also, students are welcome, but not required to come every day.  Invited students can help us plan the week by completing the form below.  



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Monday, June 3
Tuesday, June 4
Wednesday, June 5
Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
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