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COVID-19 Planning Form

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We're continuing to adjust to the dynamic circumstances we all face.

Please note: if if you are a parent who works in an essential area of the economy and have unmet childcare needs, we are willing to explore or find safe and legal options for you.  You'll see a request for help below.    

Also, if you opt for in person lessons, those may be moved to our online platform if the President, Governor, Mayor, County Executive or another authority requests all non essential business be conducted remotely only.

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We're not attending small group AMP activities as regularly scheduled, but will come for private lessons only at the Center, if allowable
We are enrolled in private lessons only and plan to attend in person private lessons
We prefer to switch to online learning
I/we work in an essential area of the economy and need help with childcare. Please call or email me.

Please note: The Dogwood Festival and INman PArk Festval have been delayed. Once it's clear when these events will be, and it's safe, we will arrange for rehearsals and classes to resume.  For now, we are offering Performance Workshop coaching online.  Watch for details from Jeff, Micah, Chad and othr CMC Atlanta faculty team members  

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