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Summer & Fall 2016 Confirmation

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If siblings will have the same schedule summer and fall schedule, you may submit a single form.  If siblings will have unique schedules, please submit a separate form for each.

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Part 1: Summer Schedule Planning

Please let us know what you'd like to do this summer.  From experience, we know it is in a student's best interest to continue studies during summer months.  Six to eight weeks off often creates a setback for the student.  We recommend enrolling in Day Camp, the Core Program, Saturday Music School, Lessons only, or a combination of these programs.


Summer Program Choice
Lessons & CMP Classes (through Core Program)
Day Camp for Kids (full/half day options available)
Saturday Music School (like AMP on Saturday mornings 10:00 to 11:30 am)
Combination : Day Camp and Lessons
Summer Performance Workshop (rising grades 6 and up only)
Private Lessons only: pack of 4, 6 or 8 one-on-one lessons
Not available for Summer Studies (not advised)

On the week of July 29, we will host our annual Summer Student Showcase @ Aisle Five in Little 5 Points.  We invite all our summer students to join us for this event.  To help us plan the show, we like to get a preliminary head count of performers early on.  

Will the student(s) perform on our Summer Showcase @ Aisle Five?

Summer Core Program, Saturday Music School & Lessons Options

Private instrumental lessons (at the rate of one per week) are included in the following camps:

  • Music Boot Camp
  • Rock Camp
  • Jedi Music Academy
  • Country, Roots & Rockabilly Camp
  • Dr. Seuss Music Video & Recording Day Camp

Private lessons are not included in Music Theater Day Camp

Planning around your family travels and student availability is obviously necessary when deciding how many weeks of programming and lessons to purchase; however, we encourage you to keep in mind, during the summer months students are eligible (even encouraged) to use the freedom in their schedules to take more than one lesson per week as available, if desired.  This can be a great way for a student to tackle a new technique or develop new habits under close supervision.    

Option A.  If the student is not coming to camp, and you'd like to enroll in private lessons and CMP classes, choose the Core Program or Saturday Music School (SMS).  


Summer Core Program Options
Saturday Music School Options

Option B.  If you are enrolling a student in Day Camp, or if you are enrolling in the Music Theater Camp only, you may purchase (additional) lessons to supplement summer instruction. 

Number of Lessons to Supplement Camp enrollment

Camp Options

If you've already completed the Day Camp Registration Form, please feel free to skip this section and move on to Part 2. Fall 2016 Schedule Planning portion of this form. (We have your camp info on file.)

If you'd like more info on camp before completing the form, please visit the Day Camp for Kids Information Page or email Diana@CMCAtlanta.com

Tuition for Camp :  

  • Full Day Camp (8 am to 6 pm), $290 per week
  • Half Day (morning or afternoon), $190 per week
  • Individual Day passes available, $65 full day, $45 half day 

Please note:  enrolling in 6-8 weeks of camp via Summer Pass provides savings of from $240 to $470.  If you choose 6 or more weeks of camp, we will automatically discount your invoice. 

CMC Decatur Day Camp Choice(s)
CMC Little 5 Points Day Camp Choice(s)
CMC Dunwoody Camp Choice(s)
Full or Half Day enrollment preference
Details for Mix of Full & Half Day enrollment
CMC Atlanta Summer Performance Workshop (rising 6th grade and up)

Please note: we will provide morning and afternoon shuttle service between Decatur and Little 5 Points for the Summer Performance Workshop

Part 2: Fall 2016 Schedule Planning

Please let us know your Fall 2016 enrollment plans by completing this portion of the form.  

Please note, your current two week deposit will be used to hold your place in 2016-2017 AMP enrollment.  If you transfer from AMP to another CMC Atlanta program, your deposit will be credited toward registration and the first month's tuition in the new program. 

The first payment of 2016-2017 tuition ($60 registration and at least one month's tuition) will be due July 15.  Please note:  AMP is a pay-in-advance program.  Monthly installment payments made after the 5th of the month will be assessed a $15 late fee per month or partial month the payment is delinquent.  Late weekly installments will l be charged a $10 late fee per week or partial week the payment is delinquent.        

Fall 2016 Program Choice
Fall 2016 AMP Attendance
Fall 2016 Grade
Fall 2016 School
Primary Instrument

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