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What style of music?

AMP provides a solid general foundational music education.  Students explore and then can focus on Classical, Jazz, Rock, American Folk and Roots music.


We offer Saturday Music at CMC Decatur, CMC Little 5 Points and CMC Dunwoody.



Saturday Music operates year round in all three locations. We do take breaks during the school year for school hilodays, like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks, Memorial Day, etc.

Please note:  students may, but do not need to attend the full 4 hours each Saturday.  The 8:30-12:30 window is when we are open and available.  A specific schedule for a shorter duration can be ironed out with families on a case-by-case basis.  

Who is eligible?

We offer Saturday Morning Music School across three different CMC Divisions.  Saturday Music is offered as an option to our students in Lower Elementary (K-2), Upper Elementary (3-5), and Middle School Divisions (6-8).  Students are separated by age and skill level.    

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