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Welcome to Community Music Centers of Atlanta

CMC Atlanta is a music education company founded in 2007 as the L5P Music Center. In the 13 years since our founding, we've grown from offering music lessons at a single site to a network of four local community music schools (Decatur, Dunwoody, Little 5 Points and Brookhaven) that offers an array of innovative, but historically-informed music education programs to students of all ages and skill levels. Working in collaboration with Capstone Academy, an accredited private school, we also created a high school conservatory program, Atlanta Music High School, which opened in August 2017.  

CMC Little 5 Points entranceOn our site you will find information about the vibrant educational programs we offer to children and adults through our neighborhood music schools.  You'll also find tools to register and connect with teachers and other students.    

We encourage you to take the time to reflect on what you are seeking from a music education, and we hope you will carefully compare your desires with our programs in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Roots music. In short, we're offering you the opportunity to encounter and to learn how to develop beauty through an authentic musical practice in a community of faculty, students and their families.  Beauty is not to be confused with "pretty"-- because let's be frank, beautiful things usually come with a bit of awe, sometimes rough edge, and often even hilarity or levity.  Beauty also varies from one style to another: it is, as they should say, in the ear of the beholder.

It would be impossible for us to explain the role a good music or aesthetic education plays in enhancing both individual and community life and development; we imagine you already have some notion of music's importance, or you wouldn't be visiting on-line.  Suffice it to say, we think music is essential to a fully human experience and a good and happy life, and plenty of it, made by all kinds of people, is the hallmark of a healthy community.  Encountering and cultivating music requires some balance between discipline and freedom.  That's where we enter the picture.

Whether you're an individual looking for private lessons with a great teacher, a high school student looking to bring some harmony between your academic work and putting in long hours to hone your craft, a parent looking for meaningful and fun summer camps, a somewhat burned out player seeking creative projects and performance opportunities, or a school head looking for a way to enhance music education in your community, we have something for you.  Our philosophy, programs, approach, and faculty credentials and experience are spelled out in great detail on our site.  Under Information (above), you'll find Administration & Faculty, Programs and Location links, menu items which provide a full discussion of who we are, what educational programs we offer, how we engage our community, and where we do our work.  If you're ready, you can register on-line today.  You are also welcome to use the Contact menu to arrange for a tour, trial lesson, and conversation at one of our facilities with one of us.

In closing, whether your interests lean to classical, jazz, rock, or roots music, traditional or experimental practices, we hope you will encounter, discover, and develop an authentic musical practice through your ties to CMC Atlanta.  From recruiting like-minded and highly qualified professional artist educators, who have the talent and skills to create and implement an innovative curriculum and exciting programs, an expanding student body with whom you can collaborate, to cultivating gardens and local art at our Community Music Centers, we're committed to realizing our ideals in a unique, inspiring and effective educational experience.  We invite you to join us.   Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to meeting you.


Phil Sims and Diana Orozco

Founders and Directors, Community Music Centers of Atlanta


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