Adult Division Programs 
high school graduates and older

CMC Atlanta offers several different program options to meet diverse personal educational interests, varied commuting and activity schedules, and variable budgets available for music education and enrichment.  

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Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Studio Lessons 
private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels

We offer private Studio Lessons for students age 4 and up at all locations on weekdays and weekends.  Options include:

  • piano lessons
  • singing lessons
  • guitar and bass lessons
  • drum lessons
  • lessons on a string instrument, including violin, viola, cello, and upright bass lessons
  • lessons on a wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone lessons
  • composition lessons 

Whether your interests are Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, or American Folk & Roots music, traditional or experimental approaches, lessons with our faculty


Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Gap Year and Apprenticeship Programs for young adults

It's no secret, college is very expensive.  it's also obvious to clear thinking folks that not every high school graduate is ready to enroll in college immediately. Sometimes a year spent doing something valuable or personally meaningful is the ideal last step in college prep.  Some college graduates or undergraduates also need a year off before continuing studies or moving on to grad school or into the work force.  And frankly, many creative and talented people are better off not going to college at all.  The latter statement is a bold, maybe even radical proposition, but it's one worth considering.  

We developed our Gap and Apprenticeship Program (GAP) for young adults who love music, who want to explore musical creativity and performance deeply,


Artist Resident & Teacher 
Artist residencies for emerging professional musicians and educators

Through the CMC Atlanta Artist Residency & Teaching Program (ART), we offer qualified performers and emerging educators an opportunity to live in a studio apartment at our Center in Little 5 Points. The resident artists teach lessons, write blogs about playing and teaching, and perform at the Center and nearby venues on occasion.  The program is designed to provide ample practice or writing time, necessary for those devoted to honing their craft, and interaction with both peers and the local community as an artistic and educational resource and performer. 

To compensate, we offer the ART faculty:


Open Studio 
Ecnomical option for adults

Coming soon: info about our small group drop in classes for beginners and intermediate adults.  Starting Fall 2017, we'll be hosting inexpensive weekly drop in options for small groups of players.  This program is ideal for someone who wants to get started, get some pointers from a professional performer and teacher, but who has a limited budget that precludes private lessons.    

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