Music Immersion 
a better way to become a musician   

"Immersion:  instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object or study; especially, foreign language instruction in which only the language being taught is used." 

It takes more than a series 30- or 45-minute weekly lessons to become a musician. Immersion provides the best chance for a child to connect with music in a meaningful and sustained way.  This is the founding and guiding principle of the CMC Atlanta Afterschool Music Program.    

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Saturday Morning Music School  
for students K-8th grade

Saturday Morning Music School (Saturday Music) is our intensive music education and enrichment program for students grades PreK-8th grade on weekends.  Saturday Music provides comprehensive training to beginners and more advanced students alike in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and/or American Folk music on Saturday mornings during a window from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Saturday Music is an appealing option for families who would like to enroll in a dynamic music education program, but whose busy schedules interfere with commuting to and from the Music Centers during the work week.  Saturday Music is designed to make music lessons convenient, but more importantly, parents of Saturday Music students can trust their children are somewhere safe, engaged by a professional faculty in a beneficial and effective educational program while they run errands or work.


Saturday Music operates at CMC Decatur whenever the City Schools of Decatur are open; in Dunwoody, Saturday Music is in session whenever DeKalb County Schools are open.  The schedule in Little 5 Points is synced to the Atlanta Public School calendar.

Parents are welcome to drop students off any time after 8:30 am and to pick up any times before 12:30 pm.  While students are with us, they'll attend a private lesson in vocal performance or on the instrument of choice.  Students also attend a series of group classes and activities like singing, drumming, notation, music theory classes, and ensemble performance.  The program design offers the ideal balance of intense personal training one-on-one with an array of beneficial group classes and projects.  These group activities not only enhance the educational content of private lessons, but also add a desirable social element to musical studies.

Program Elements

Saturday Morning Music School tuition provides: 

  • Weekly 30 to 45-minute private lessons in piano, guitar, bass, drums, strings, winds or voice 
  • a variety of ongoing Comprehensive Musicianship Program (CMP) courses and workshops, including drumming, singing, notation class, harmony, music theory,  recording, and more 
  • Performance Program enrollment: participation in small classical, jazz, rock, or roots ensembles and/or a music theater troupe

Sample Daily AMP Schedule

  • 8:30 am drop off begins
  • 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, a series of 30-, 45- and 60-minute Core Program Activity and Training Periods, including private lessons, supervised practice, music theory and musicianship classes (including singing, drumming, notation and harmony class), small ensemble (chamber, rock, jazz, or American folk music), video and art projects
  • 12:30 Final check out end

As with our Afterschool Music Program, Saturday Music bundles services that parents often contract from separate entities, providing simplicity, and in many cases, a very economical and convenient option for moms and dads who desire a good music education for their children, but who also have busy family schedules.  

Please note:  students may, but do not need to attend the full 4 hours each Saturday.  The 8:30-12:30 is when we are available.  A specific schedule for a shorter duration can be ironed out with families on a case-by-case basis.  

  • Why Saturday Music +

    Saturday Morning Music School is designed to meet the needs of families who are interested in our music educational programs but who find the commute or the family schedule impossible to work around during the week.  Saturday Music includes private lessons, group classes, ensemble performance.  Parents tell us this program is an ideal solution to a common problem: yyou'd like to enroll your child in lessons and a dynamic music school program, but you don't have time for the commute and wait during the week.

  • Who is eligible? +

    We offer Saturday Morning Music School across three different CMC Divisions.  Saturday Music is offered as an option to our students in Lower Elementary (K-2), Upper Elementary (3-5), and Middle School Divisions (6-8).  Students are separated by age and skill level.    

  • Where? +

    We offer Saturday Music at CMC Decatur, CMC Little 5 Points and CMC Dunwoody.


  • When? +

    Saturday Music operates year round in all three locations. We do take breaks during the school year for school hilodays, like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks, Memorial Day, etc.

    Please note:  students may, but do not need to attend the full 4 hours each Saturday.  The 8:30-12:30 window is when we are open and available.  A specific schedule for a shorter duration can be ironed out with families on a case-by-case basis.  

  • What style of music? +

    AMP provides a solid general foundational music education.  Students explore and then can focus on Classical, Jazz, Rock, American Folk and Roots music.

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