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Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Studio Lessons 
private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels

We offer private Studio Lessons for students age 4 and up at all locations on weekdays and weekends.  Options include:

  • piano lessons
  • singing lessons
  • guitar and bass lessons
  • drum lessons
  • lessons on a string instrument, including violin, viola, cello, and upright bass lessons
  • lessons on a wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone lessons
  • composition lessons 

Whether your interests are Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, or American Folk & Roots music, traditional or experimental approaches, lessons with our faculty provide the means and the motivation for developing musical skills and understanding. 

When you enroll, we match you with the desired resource-- a great teacher-- and pair you up in an inspiring setting, at a time convenient for you.  It's not the back room of a music store with a contractor, and it's not your living room, where distractions of all kinds can interefere.  It's the student and a professional music teacher in a finely appointed music studio.  

Lessons are available weekdays and weekends.  Our peak hours are weekdays from 2:30 until 6:00 and Saturdays from 9 am until 1 pm.  Discounts are available for students who come during off peak hours.  

CMC Atlanta believes a comprehensive or ideally even holistic approach to learning is required for a child or adult to become a creative and literate musician. When a parent enrolls a student in Studio Lessons with us, we invite them to learn about our other program options, which provide convenience and added comprehensive curricular support for developing musical kills and understanding.  For as little as $15 more per month, our Immersion Programs, including the Afterschool Music Program (AMP) and the Performance Workshop, combine lessons with access to the following:

  • Comprehensive Musicianship Program (CMP) Courses and/or Workshops  Students participate in ongoing singing classes, drumming classes, music literacy classes, music theory classes, song writing and improvisation workshops, etc., all of which are designed to cultivate musical skills and understanding
  • Performance Programs and Projects  Students participate in a variety of performance and project options, developmentally and stylistically sensitive, which motivate and also provide a social context for music making
  • Basic Childcare and Transportation  AMP includes all the elements of any aftercare program, like transportation from school to the Center, snacks, supervision.  Likewise, the Performance Workshop offers parents a content rich option on Saturday afternoons or whenever local schools are closed and childcare is needed or desired

To learn more about immersion programs for Middle School students, please visit the Afterschool Music Program and Performance Workshop pages on our site.

  • Who is eligible? +

    Any student age 4 and up is welcome to enroll.  Studio Lessons are suitable for beginners through Pre-Professionals. 
  • Where? +

    We offer Studio Lessons in all CMC Atlanta locations: CMC Brookhaven CMC Decatur CMC Dunwoody CMC Little 5 Points  
  • When? +

    Lessons are offered year round, weekdays and weekends.  We operate on a traditional academic term cycle, as follows: Fall Term: August - December, Winter Term: January - May, Summer Term: June - July. Enrollment is ongoing, year round.  Students can register and begin at any time!    
  • What style of music? +

    We offer training in Classical Music,  Jazz Music, Rock and Pop Music, and American Folk & Roots Music Traditional and experimental approaches within these fields are supported. With very few exceptions, students are taught to read and understand music using the terminology and conceptual frameworks used by professional musicians.   
  • How much? +

    The tuition for Studio Lessons is set according to the duration of the private lessons.  Fall (August-December) or Winter/Spring Term Tuition (January-May) rates: Tuition with 30-minute, private lessons: $825 per term or $165 monthly installments Tuition with 45-minute, private lessons: $1100 per term or $220 monthly installments Tuition with 60-minute, private lessons: $1250 per term or $250 monthly installments We provide a discount for off peak hours.  Off peak Fall (August-December) and Winter/Spring (January-May) Term Tuition rates:  Tuition with 30-minute, private lessons: $725 per term or $145 monthly installments Tuition with 45-minute, private lessons: $1000 per term or $200 monthly installments Tuition with 60-minute, private lessons: $1150 per term or $230 monthly installments Summer Term (June-July): students may enroll in 4, 6 or 8 lessons.  Rates determined by student and instructor availability.    Please note: there is an annual registration fee of $60 per student; other fees and restrictions may apply. Tuition rates are subject to change with 30 days notice.
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