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private lessons, music theory and skills classes, day camps and workshops, performance opportunities, creativity projects & more

CMC Atlanta designs and implements comprehensive educational programs for students PreK through Adult that promote the development of music skills and concepts, with innovative options available to meet a variety of interests and schedule needs.  Find the program that meets your needs and interests, and join us in Little 5 Points, Decatur, Dunwoody, or Brookhaven/Druid Hills. 

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Choose a CMC Program, Some Background Info

We've grouped offerings in our Program Catalogue by age to make it easier for you to find the right program for you or your student.  A little background on the logic we used developing our programs might be helpful to you.

The primary elements at the core of CMC Atlanta program design are:

  • Studio Lessons: private lessons, usually weekly, but potentially more often, with a qualified and devoted musician
  • Comprehensive Musicianship Programs (CMP): musicianship training, including concepts and skills, covered not only in Studio Lessons, but also in group classes.  CMP training includes theory, history, listening lab, literacy and more.    
  • Performance & Projects, which put all training to use and inspire the student by empowering personal and group expression through music

These are the essential elements and activities in any rigorous music education.  We understand different students have different backgrounds, and varied amounts of time and other resources to devote to training, and also have different goals.  We provide opportunities for beginners to pre professionals.  By far, the most common question asked of us: can a brand new beginner participate in a program?  The answer is yes, beginners are welcome in just about every one of our programs.  It's the essential nature of a community music school, to provide access to musical training to anybody who wants it.  That said, we frequently divide students by age and skill or experience.  This keeps beginners from feeling intimidated or more advanced students from being bored, slowed down or frustrated.      

We've also made some adjustments to accommodate different family schedules.  Through the popular AfterSchool Music Program (for grades K-5, and 6-8), for example, we offer transportation from local public and private schools to nearby CMC Atlanta locations, which helps families overcome a logistical barrier to enrollment.  (Atlanta traffic is no joke!)  Students can stay with us until 6:30 pm, and while they're with us, they engage in all the elements listed above: Studio Lessons, CMP courses, and Performance & Projects.  Similarly, we offer a Performance Workshop for older students.  The Performance Workshop focuses teens on the Performance & Projects, plays to the social nature that is a hallmark of their age, and still manages to provide access to all three core elements of our programming.  If you have a tighter schedule or tighter resources to put toward training, we also offer Studio Lessons as a stand alone option.  You simply come to the Center, more or less weekly, for the scheduled appointment with a private teacher.  This is an educational strategy used across the country to teach students how to sing or play, and while we have more holistic options available, Studio Lessons with a good teacher can provide ample support for many students to meet their needs and initial goals.  

We thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the programs.     


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Since 2007


A Note from the Founders & Directors

Welcome to Community Music Centers of Atlanta

CMC Atlanta is a music education company founded in 2007 as the L5P Music Center. In the 13 years since our founding, we've grown from offering music lessons at a single site to a network of four local community music schools (Decatur, Dunwoody, Little 5 Points and Brookhaven) that offers an array of innovative, but historically-informed music education programs to students of all ages and skill levels. Working in collaboration with Capstone Academy, an accredited private school, we also created a high school conservatory program, Atlanta Music High School, which opened in August 2017.  


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