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Are you a new student?

If you have registered for a program and wish to make a payment, please note:

Posting your deposit and tuition invoices, including adding additional students, changing the invoice from monthly installments to payment by term, balance of term, or weekly installment, is done manually in our business office, usually within 24 hours of registration, and often much faster. We encourage you to monitor your account for the new invoice(s) and to check your email for notifications from us.

Important: our first emails sometimes end up in spam or promotions. Once you respond to us or move our email to you from spam or promotions to your Inbox, subsequent email notices from us should arrive unimpeded.

What Steps Should I Take?

We know parents enrolling in AMP at the start of school are often worried that a spot is not open.  If the registration form is active, you can be assured we have room on our roster for your child(ren).  

Once your invoice is posted and/or arrives via email, make a timely payment to secure a place on our roster. Complete the mandatory Participation Form for each student enrolled.

Thank you again for joining us. We're pleased to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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