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GAP: Gap and Apprenticeship Program Registration

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When did or will the student graduate from high school?
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Parent's Neme
When would the student like to begin lessons and classes?
Enrollment Options
Is the student planning on collegiate music studies?
Has the student been accepted to a college, university or music school and deferred enrollment?
If yes, accepted where and major (if known)
Has the student attended college already?
If yes, where and major?

Music Experience & Interests

We welcome beginners through pre-professionals.  Because we group by age, skill level, and interest, we want to get to know each GAP student before starting training.  We'll gather more info from each student during the first few meetings, but we'd like some basic info, just to get us started.  

Is the student and instrumentalist or singer? Or both?
If the student is an instrumentalist, what instrument would he or she focus on with us?
Interested in a secondary instrument? If so, what?
How would you describe the student's experience level?
What kind of music does the student want to perform?
Rock (any style)
Jazz (classic or modern)
Hip Hop
Americana or Roots
Will the student have a job outside of GAP enrollment?
Is the student interested in GAP internships or externships?
Is the student interested in Music Outreach to underserved children and youth as a GAP student?

Payment Options

We accept credit cards online and checks via the mail.  When registering, please indicate who will be responsible for making payments.  

Who will be responsible for tuition? *
How would you like to be billed? *
If paying in installments, how will tuition be paid? *
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