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Atlanta Music High School Registration

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Atlanta Music High

This form can be used to enroll in:

  • Atlanta Music High School, grades 9-12
  • Atlanta Music High Prep, grades 5-8
  • Studio Lessons for a student of any age, at Atlanta Music High School
  • the Afterschool Music Program (or AMP) for a student grades 5-8 at Atlanta Music High School
  • the Performance Workshop, for students grades 6 and up
  • Film Scoring at Atlanta Music High School


If you are interested in enrolling in any Day Camp for Kids (grades K-5) at any location, please use the Day Camp Registration Form instead.

If you would like to enroll a student in the Summer Performance Workshop (grades 6 and up, for participation in June and/or July), please use the Summer Performance Workshop Registration.

If you would like to enroll in the Gap and Apprenticeship Program, please use the GAP Registration Form.  

Part 1.  Basic Information

Student's First Name *
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email *
Phone *

Complete for minors only

Date of birth
What school does the student attend? (if applicable)
Current Grade
Parent's Name
Additional Parent's Name
Secondary email
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Part 2.  CMCAtlanta/Atlanta Music High Program Options (all students complete)

Program Choice *
Primary Studio/Instrument *
Stylistic Interests
make selection, if known
Classical Music
American Folk & Roots
Hip hop
Preferred Start Date *
Academic School
If not enrolling @ Capstone or home schooling, name of school or virtua academy

2a.  Complete this section only if you are (1) a Capstone Academy student and (2) enrolling only in Studio Lessons at the Capstone campus and not the full AMHS program of appiied music (private lessons), courses (theory, musicianship, composition, etc.), and performance (chamber music, jazz combo, rock band, etc.)   

Answering these questions will help us match your schedule with a faculty member.  

Lesson Duration
Ideal Day/Time for Lesson
Alternate Avallable Days/Times

Payment Options

How would you like to pay tuition? *
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Summer Performance Workshop Sessions & Showcases

Sorry, no events.

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