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Atlanta Music High School 
for students grades 6-8 (prep), 9-12

CMC Atlanta has teamed up with AdvancEd/ SACS accredited Capstone Academy to create Atlanta Music High School. Working together, we offer rigorous academics and deep immersion in pre-professional musical training to Atlanta music students.

Atlanta Music High brings the professional faculty of two independent and established schools with a shared vision and mission into collaboration. We’re empowering classical, jazz, rock and folk music students with an academic education that is not only accredited, but that is also sensitive and responsive to the investment of time and resources it takes for a young, emerging performer or composer to become a great player, singer, arranger or composer.

Atlanta Music High students can, but are not required, to choose to complete their academic coursework through enrollment in Capstone Academy. In keeping with the model they’ve developed over the past ten years at their first campus in Alpharetta, the coursework for earning a diploma from Capstone Academy is completed on a condensed weekday schedule. Classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays during the school year from 8 am to 12:30 pm at the Atlanta campus on Cliff Valley Way, NE.

Because of the condensed academics, Atlanta Music High students will benefit from having afternoons and all day Monday and Friday for private lessons on a primary and secondary instrument, courses in music theory, history and musicianship, ensemble or choir rehearsal, project work (on compositions, film scores or videos, for example), and personal practice at the same facility. Until now, there simply has not been a conservatory option available to Atlanta teens. Many students have had to compromise either their academic pursuits or passionate pursuit of musical creativity, or they’ve left Atlanta to board at expensive out of state high schools like Interlochen Arts Academy or the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Please note: students are also able to enroll in the immersive musical training of Atlanta Music High School without cross enrolling at Capstone.  Homeschool, online, and other academic enrollment options have been paired with our programs successfully. 

By enrolling in Atlanta Music High, motivated and invested young classical, jazz, rock and folk musicians can bring the desired harmony between academic and musical pursuits. And aspiring music students can find the desired synergy that only comes from studying, practicing and performing alongside talented peers under the guidance of a committed faculty of professional musicians who’ve come to AMHS from across the country from top tier institutions like the Eastman School of Music, Oberlin College-Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and more. Tours, audition placement and enrollment under way for 2021 spring term and the 2021-2022 school year.

Atlanta Music High is open to students grades 9-12.  We also offer a parallel Music High Prep Program for student grades 5-8 who wish to be immersed in musical practice and performance.   

For more information, to schedule a tour, and to arrange for an interview and placement audition, please call (404) 614-0466.

  • Why AMHS? +

    A creative musical output requires an approach that immerses the student in a community of practicing musicians and encourages the student to engage in a crucial set of activities with teachers and peers in a disciplined and ongoing way.  The educational or (perhaps, put better) human goal of cultivating musical artistry and understanding drive the curriculum and schedule for individual students and the AMHS community.  Because of the condensed academic schedule, the AMHS experience also provides balance and harmony between traditional academics and passionate pursuit of musical skills and authentic artistic personal expression. We think this balance and harmony are crucial for student happiness and success.


  • Who is eligible? +

    Since AMHS curriculum and schedules are designed on an individual basis, AMHS is suitable for students falling on a continuum from some experience to Pre-Professional levels of training.  Since the program immerses the student in music performance, music education, and music outreach experiences, students who enroll should be passionate about music and in most cases have had at least a foundational education, whether formal or informal.   

    Students are divided by interest and skill level, so we are able to accommodate diverse skill levels without undermining the experience for advanced students or putting a less experienced student in an unnecessarily intimidating situation.

    Atlanta Music High School is open to 9th-12th grade students.  Atlanta Music High Prep is open to students grades 6-8.


  • Where? +

    AMHS is based primarily at CMC Little 5 Points; however, elements of AMHS (private lessons, rehearsals, personal practice space, or internships) can potentially be arranged at any of the four CMC Atlanta locations for interested students:

    • CMC Brookhaven 1934 Cliff Valley Way NE, Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30329 
    • CMC Little 5 Points 1127 Colquitt Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307
    • CMC Decatur 189 Sams St, Suite B, Decatur, GA 30030
    • CMC Dunwoody  5518 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd Dunwoody, GA 30038

    We also use a variety of community resources and local performance venues, as needed 

  • When? +

    AMHS offers coursework year round:

    • Fall Term: August - December
    • Winter Term: January - May
    • Optional Summer Term: June - July

    Although we operate on a traditional academic term cycle, students may register and begin at any time pending an audition/interview.  

    Once a student enrolls at AMHS, we plan directly with the student and family to create an individually crafted schedule that accommodates the student's interests, goals, and academic coursework, regardless if the stduent is cross enrolled at Capstone Academy, another public or private school, or home schooled.    


  • What style of music? +

    We offer training in

    • Classical Music
    • Jazz Music
    • Rock and Pop Music, and
    • American Folk & Roots Music


    Traditional and experimental approaches within these fields are supported.

    Students are not limited to a single genre or style.  All students are taught to read and understand music using the terminology and conceptual frameworks used by professional musicians in these different styles.   

  • How much? +

    Term tuition, music training only:

    • August-December, $4400 paid in full or monthly installments
    • January-May, $4400 paid in full or in monthly installments
    • optional June-July Summer Term, $1200 paid in full or in monthly installments

    Fees do not include Capstone Academy tuition, which is paid separately and directly to Capstone Academy.  

    Please note: there is an annual registration/enrollment fee of $350 per student; other fees and restrictions may apply. Tuition rates are subject to change with 60 days notice.  

    Tuition will be discounted for students who would like to enroll at AMHS, but would like to continue private lessons with an approved teacher who is not a member of the CMC Atlanta faculty.

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