Faculty & Students
The most critical relationships in any school are those between faculty and students. Student success will depend on the individuals recruited by the Administration and their ability to design and implement programs with the interests and needs of students in mind.


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CMC Atlanta has recruited a team of musicians and educators each of whom has demonstrated a sustained interest and success on two fronts.  

First, our faculty members are musicians who've dedicated themselves across a long span of their lives to honing their craft, either through formal training, sustained performance or production, or ideally, both.  We have many faculty who've played for decades, many have graduate level training in some of the country's leading conservatories, schools of music and education, and most have ongoing careers as performers or composers.  

Second, we employ individuals who are interested in and have capacity to cultivate music in others.  We've all met players who can't teach (and sadly, teachers who can't play).  You can expect to meet warm, encouraging folks who can do both at CMC Atlanta. 

This combination improves the odds that an aspiring musician will meet his or her goals--  developing a personally meaningful, independent, sustained performance practice.  It also means that when a student steps into the studio for piano lessons, for example, she will meet a qualified teacher who is prepared to draw on the array of best practices in piano instruction to engage the student. 

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