High School Division Programs 
for students grades 9-12

CMC Atlanta offers several different program options to meet diverse family educational interests, varied commuting and activity schedules, and variable family budgets.  

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Strings Now Summer Workshop
workshop for students rising grades 7-8, 9-12, and adults

The CMC Atlanta Strings Now Summer Workshop will be held at our CMC Decatur location from Thursday, July 21 through Saturday 23, 2022  Violinists, violists, cellists, and upright bassists, grades 7 and up, intermediate to advanced levels, are welcome to attend.  

The Strings Now Summer Workshop immerses student players in both solo and ensemble music making with peers and a faculty comprised of professional performers and educators.  What makes the Strings Now Workshop unique locally is our emphasis of current styles of string performance.  We honor and draw from great historical traditions of string playing, but Strings Now introduces and emphasizes new aspects of string performance, aspects such as improvisation, amplification, use of effects pedals, looping and layering, and progressive techniques like power bowing.  Many students are interested in playing strings in the context of current styles of music or using modern technology to expand the expressive palate of their instrument, but many of those students do not have the opportunity to get started, let alone an opportunity to explore playfully.  The workshop provides a gateway for doing so.  For those students who have a background in new music performance practice, the camp provides the opportunity to work intensely with professional performers on our workshop faculty in what we'd consider the student's ongoing effort to cultivate their own authentic musical voice.     


Atlanta Music High School 
for students grades 6-8 (prep), 9-12

In 2017, CMC Atlanta teamed up with AdvancEd/SACS accredited Capstone Academy to create Atlanta Music High School. Prior to AMHS, there simply was not a private conservatory option for Atlanta teens to pursue rigorous academic and deep immersion in pre-professional musical training. Many students had to compromise either their academic pursuits or passionate pursuit of musical creativity, or they’d leave Atlanta to board at expensive out of state high schools like Interlochen Arts Academy or the North Carolina School of the Arts.

At the core of meeting the AMHS mission are musical studies that fall into three categories. First, AMHS students enroll in private lessons, usually called applied music in academic settings. These are one on one sessions with highly skilled and devoted teachers. Second, AMHS students enroll in any number of music theory, musicianship, composition, and history classes designed to cultivate musical skills and conceptual understanding. These courses meet several times a week and are taught by experts within the fields of study. Third, AMHS students enroll in performance ensembles such as small chamber ensembles, jazz combos and rock/folk bands, depending on interests. Each student’s course load and AMHS schedule is designed upon enrollment through consultation with the student and parent(s) based on the student’s goals, interests, and availability. The schedule also has to be sensitive to the student’s academic course plan.


Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Studio Lessons 
private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels

We offer private Studio Lessons for students age 4 and up at all locations on weekdays and weekends.  Options include:

  • piano lessons
  • singing lessons
  • guitar and bass lessons
  • drum lessons
  • lessons on a string instrument, including violin, viola, cello, and upright bass lessons
  • lessons on a wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone lessons
  • composition lessons 

Whether your interests are Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, or American Folk & Roots music, traditional or experimental approaches, lessons with our faculty provide the means and the motivation for developing musical skills and understanding.  When you enroll, we match you with the desired resource-- a great teacher-- and pair you up in an inspiring setting, at a time convenient for you.  It's not the back room of a music store with a contractor, and it's not your living room, where distractions of all kinds can interefere.  It's the student and a professional music teacher in a finely appointed music studio.  


Performance Workshop
for students grades 6-8, 9-12 (recent grads welcome)

The CMC Atlanta Performance Workshop provides middle and high school students and recent graduates the opportunity to dig into music making with peers and faculty.  Students can perform just about any style of music, including classical, jazz, rock or American roots, hip hop and more.  The Workshop is open to both singers and instrumentalists, and individual students have the opportunity to rotate between different roles in the ad hoc and standing ensembles we create in the Performance Workshop.  

The Performance Workshops is open to students grades 6-8 and 9-12 year round.  During the school year, the Performance Workshop students attend weekly small ensemble rehearsals and group classes; during the months of June and July, when school is out, we offer week-long Performance Workshop Summer Sessions at CMC Little 5 Points and at our Druid Hills/Brookhaven Atlanta Music High campus.  Middle and high school students can attend full or half days, depending on family needs and student interest.  

  • CMC L5P Session 1, June 13-17
  • CMC L5P Session 2, June 20-24
  • CMC L5P Session 3, June25-July 1
  • JUNE SHOWCASE, Friday, July 1, 5 pm, CMC Decatur 
  • CMC Decatur Session 4, July 11-15
  • CMC Decatur Session 5, July 18-22
  • CMC Decatur Session 6, July 25-29
  • JULY SHOWCASE, Friday, July 29, 5 pm, CMC Decatur

During the month of June only, we also offer another option-- we continue the Saturday sessions that go on year round in Little 5 Points, with the goal of prepping all students for the July 1 SHOWCASE.   


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