Middle School Division Programs 
for students grades 6-8

CMC Atlanta offers several different program options to meet diverse family educational interests, varied childcare needs and variable family budgets.  

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Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Studio Lessons 
private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels

We offer private Studio Lessons for students age 4 and up at all locations on weekdays and weekends.  Options include:

  • piano lessons
  • singing lessons
  • guitar, ukulele and bass lessons
  • drum lessons
  • lessons on a string instrument, including violin, viola, cello, and upright bass lessons
  • lessons on a wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone lessons
  • composition lessons 

Whether your interests are Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, or American Folk & Roots music, traditional or experimental approaches, lessons with our faculty provide the means and the motivation for developing musical skills and understanding.  When you enroll, we match you with the desired resource-- a great teacher-- and pair you up in an inspiring setting, at a time convenient for you.  It's not the back room of a music store with a contractor, and it's not your living room, where distractions of all kinds can interefere.  It's the student and a professional music teacher in a finely appointed music studio.  


Afterschool Music Program (AMP)  
for students 6th-8th grade

AMP is our intensive music education and enrichment program for students that provides comprehensive training to beginners and more advanced students alike in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and/or American Folk music on weekday afternoons during the traditional latch-key hours.


Performance Workshop
for students grades 6-8, 9-12 (recent grads welcome)

The CMC Atlanta Performance Workshop provides middle and high school students the opportunity to dig into music making with peers and faculty.  Students can perform just about any style of music, including classical, jazz, rock or American roots, hip hop and more.  The Workshop is open to both singers and instrumentalists, and individual students have the opportunity to rotate between different roles in the ad hoc and standing ensembles we create in the Performance Workshop.  

The Performance Workshops is open to students grades 6-8 and 9-12 year round.  During the school year, the Performance Workshop students attend weekly small ensemble rehearsals and group classes; during the summer, when school is out, we offer six week long Performance Workshop Summer Sessions.  During the summer Summer Sessions, middle and high school students can attend full or half day, depending on family needs and student interest.  

In addition to rehearsals and group classes, we encourage students in the Performance Workshop to take private lessons with us.  During the Summer Sessions, private instruction is automatically included, but during the school year, students must opt in or opt out of Studio Lessons.  Time spent one-on-one in Studio Lessons with a private teacher supports workshop participation, but we understand some students are attached to a teacher who is not affiliated with CMC Atlanta, and so lessons with us are not a requirement for Performance Workshop enrollment.     

Performance Workshop training, rehearsals, classes and lessons prepare students for informal performance for peers and parents at our local Centers, but we also prepare and support CMC Atlanta students in public performances at a variety of local professional venues and on stage in high profile festivals.  Our students have performed at Variety Playhouse (pictured above), 7 Stages Theatre, Twains, the Wrecking Bar, the World of Coca-Cola, and they have participated in the L5P Halloween Festival, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, the Inman Park Festival, Tunes from the Tombs, the Decatur Business Association Breakfast with Santa, the Dunwoody Arts Festival, and more.  Of course, not all students are quite ready for the public stage when they first join the Performance Workshop, but we have a step by step approach to supporting our students as they work their way to hitting the big stage, confidently prepared, with faculty and peers.   


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