Program Overview 
private lessons, music theory and skills classes, day camps and workshops, performance opportunities, creativity projects & more

CMC Atlanta designs and implements comprehensive educational programs for students PreK through Adult that promote the development of music skills and concepts, with innovative options available to meet a variety of interests and schedule needs.  Find the program that meets your needs and interests, and join us in Little 5 Points, Decatur, Dunwoody, or coming soon, Brookhaven. 

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Core Program

for students of all ages

The Core Program provides the basic framework for all CMC Atlanta programs.  The Core Program includes:

  • Studio Lessons: private lessons on the instrument of choice or in vocal performance, partner lessons sometimes available on request)
  • Comprehensive Musicianship Program (or CMP) Courses and Workshops, including age sensitive classes in music theory, notation, harmony, composition, song writing, improv, and more, plus access to online tools and resources
  • Performance and Creativity Projects: recitals, salons, showcases, music video projects and more, which give music students a goal

Students are divided by age, skill level, and interests.  Students are provided music immersion experiences and access to a variety of resources that support the cultivation of skills and concepts.  Beginning through advanced training is available in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and American Folk & Roots Music.  

The tuition for the Core Program is set according to the duration of private/partner lessons.

Studio Lessons

for students of all ages

Through Studio Lessons, CMC Atlanta offers students ages 4 and up private lessons on the instrument of choice.  Most Elementary Division students will meet with their instructor weekly, one-on-one for 30 minute sessions; for older students and students who've developed skills, mastered foundational concepts and have begun to tackle more complex technical and conceptual material, lessons are extended to 45- or 60-minutes in length.  

Schedule options include weekday or weekend appointments.  We offer a discount (from 10%-25% off) for students who schedule off peak and weekend appointments.  

Studio lessons are one component of our Core.  Students can enroll in Studio lessons only, and skip group activities.  Students who are too busy for the group classes and performance projects can still study an instrument or voice.  This option provides an economic alternative to the full Core Program.

Selective Program

for students in upper elementary grades and older

Our Selective Program enrollment provides students the opportunity to play in CMC Atlanta ensembles.  Students do not enroll in private lessons at the Center, but the student must either be enrolled elsewhere or pass a proficiency review to integrate into CMC Performance Program ensembles such as jazz combos, rock bands, and chamber ensembles.

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for grades K-5, and middle school students

Too busy to shuttle students to and from the Center?  The CMC Atlanta Afterschool Music Program (AMP) is the solution.  AMP was designed to make the music school immersion experience of our Core Program available to a wider audience.  Students come directly to the Center from school on a school bus or the CMC Atlanta Shuttle.  Parents pick students up from the Center by 6:30, after training is completed for the day.

  • available for Elementary-Middle School students
  • includes all elements of the Core Program (private lessons, group classes, performance & creativity projects, and more)
  • enrollment options from 1-5 days per week
  • offered in little 5 Points, Decatur, Dunwoody and beginning in August 2017, Brookhaven

Tuition varies according to the number of days per week the student attends.

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Saturday Music School

for grades K-5

Saturday Music School.  This program provides the same immersion experience as AMP but students come on Saturday mornings instead of after school.  Students come Saturday mornings during the window from 10 am to 12:30.  Enrollees are provided:

  • private lessons on the instrument of choice
  • group music theory classes and music learning projects
  • performance opportunities


Day Camp for Kids

for grades K-5

Day Camps are offered to Elementary Division students whenever local schools are closed.  CMC Day Camps typically focus on a particular theme or type of musical activity.  Students engage in the production process and camp typically culminates in an informal Camp Showcase on the final day.

  • Students are divided by age and skill level
  • Beginners and more experienced students are integrated carefully
  • Themes run the gamut from Music Theater, Jazz, Blues, Rock, American Folk, Music Video to Classical Chamber Music.

Tuition starts at $285 per week for full day (9 am to 4 pm), and for no added charge, early drop of (8 am) and late pick up (6:00 pm) are avaialble.  Half day morning, afternoon or drop in day options available. 

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Performance Workshop

for middle and high school students, recent graduates

Private lessons, theory, song writing, composition and improv training sessions, and performance and music projects for middle and high school students.  Activities are scheduled after school, in the evening, on weekends, and either half or full day when local schools are closed.  

Our 2017 Summer Performance Workshop (June and July) culminates in a Summer Student Showcase on July 21 at 7Stages in Little 5 Points for our jazz, rock and folk music students. Our classical students will host a solo and chamber music recital at 7Stages on July 22.     

Workshop Intensives provide students the opportunity to cover skills and concepts in a very thorough way in a short period of time. Students interact with expert faculty in private lessons and small groups, often for the purpose of preparing a performance or completing a project.  This program has proven to be very effective for students who are considering collegiate level music studies or for any student who desires the opportunity to be immersed in music making with a group of peers. 

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A Note from the Founders & Directors

Welcome to Community Music Centers of Atlanta

CMC Atlanta is a music education company founded in 2007 as the L5P Music Center. In the 10 years since our founding, we've grown from offering music lessons at a single site to a network of four local community music schools (Decatur, Dunwoody, Little 5 Points and coming soon, Brookhaven) that offers an array of innovative, but historically-informed music education programs to students of all ages and skill levels. And now, working in collaboration with Rivers Academy, an accredited private school, we're pleased to announce, opening in August 2017: Atlanta Music High School

Program Details 
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Piano lessons include performance opportunities
Studio Lessons 
private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels

We offer private Studio Lessons for students age 4 and up at all locations on weekdays and weekends.  Options include:

  • piano lessons
  • singing lessons
  • guitar and bass lessons
  • drum lessons
  • lessons on a string instrument, including violin, viola, cello, and upright bass lessons
  • lessons on a wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone lessons
  • composition lessons 

Whether your interests are Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, or American Folk & Roots music, traditional or experimental approaches, lessons with our faculty provide the means and the motivation for developing musical skills and understanding.  When you enroll, we match you with the desired resource-- a great teacher-- and pair you up in an inspiring setting, at a time convenient for you.  It's not the back room of a music store with a contractor, and it's not your living room, where distractions of all kinds can interefere.  It's the student and a professional music teacher in a finely appointed music studio.  


Afterschool Music Program (AMP)  
for students K-5th grade

AMP is our intensive music education and enrichment program for students that provides comprehensive training to beginners and more advanced students alike in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and/or American Folk music on weekday afternoons during the traditional latch-key hours.


Day Camps and Workshops
Themed music day camps for students grades K-5, and performance based workshops for students grades 6-8, 9-12

Are you a parent looking for a day camp that provides a meaningful set of activities to spark your child's imagination and builds genuine skills for self expression?   Look no further.

Our popular Day Camps for kids strike the perfect balance between a creative, effective music curriculum and some good, old-fashioned, summertime fun.  In our day camp catalog, there's something for each an every young musician-- beginners or more advanced, instrumentalists and vocalists-- , and you'll discover enough variety to keep a single student entertained and growing all season long.


for PreK and half-day school students

Mini-AMP is our intensive music education and enrichment program for PreK and half day Kindergarten students. Mini AMP is a unique program at our Dunwoody Center that empowers young children to express themselves very comfortably and naturally through music by immersing them in musical activities.  A combination of private lessons, group classes, and music activities offer the ideal balance of a focused introduction to playing an instrument with the pleasure of learning in a friendly, inspiring, social setting.  Mini-AMP is an appealing option for families who would like to enroll in a dynamic music education program, but whose busy schedules interfere with commuting to and from the Music Centers.  Mini-AMP is designed to be convenient, but more importantly, parents of mini-AMP students can trust their children are somewhere safe and engaged by an effective program and faculty during the early and mid-afternoon.


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