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Summer Performance Workshop
for students grades 6-8, 9-12 (recent grads welcome)

Are you a student musician (or the parent of one) looking for a music education workshop that provides a meaningful set of activities to spark your imagination and builds genuine skills for self expression?  You want something cool to remember, but your don't want to feel like you've gone to a cattle call hosted by a national corporation?  Look no further.

CMC Atlanta offers Summer Performance Workshops for students grades 6-8 and 9-12.  (Recent high school grads are welcome.)  Through the Performance Workshop students attend week long Sessions that include daily rehearsals, group classes, and ongoing private lessons. Sessions end with informal performance for peers and parents at our local Centers, but then, they all culminate in our Summer Student Showcase at Variety Playhouse in Little 5 Points, one of Atlanta's best music halls.  For many students, the chance to step on stage with friends in a real venue, with a great sound system and professional lights is a dream come true. 

We design and run our Workshop Sessions using the same values, goals, and principles that have made our Core Program, AfterSchool Music Program (AMP), Morning Music School and more popular with parents and students alike:

  • we group students by age, skill level, and interests 
  • we understand discipline as a tool for reaching goals, but emphasize experiential learning and we keep it fun
  • we analyze and respond well to differentiated learning styles and goals,
  • we limit enrollment so the students receive individual attention, and most importantly,
  • we empower students to take control of their own creative output. 

Best of all, our Performance Workshops are staffed by our professional team of expert faculty and camp counselors, and they are very reasonably priced at $360 per week for full day enrollment (9 am to 4:00 pm) and $225 per week for morning half day enrollment (8 am to 12:30 pm).  We offer an incredible discount for students who attend for three or more weeks.  Tuition for the third week of attendance and beyond is ONLY $150 for full day per week, and $100 for half day per week.

Students and parents who enroll for full day attendance are welcome to take advantage of our FREE extended day, which allows for srop off starting at 8 am and pick up by 6:00 pm.  

More About Our Approach & the Enrollment Logistics

CMC Atlanta students perform at the Dogwood FestivalAll CMC Atlanta programs emphasize the development of essential foundational musical skills and concepts. This allows beginners and relatively inexperienced players and performers to jump in and to start building skills for self expression right away.  Because of the calibre and dedication of our faculty, and also because year after year we attract very talented students headed to music schools across the country, we are also situated to support students who are at the preprofessional level of musical development.  

In order to prepare and participate in the Showcase, we require most students to attend for at least two consecutive week-long Sessions, either half or full day.  Students who attend early in the summer are also required to purchase and return on a two or three Day Passes the week of the show (in order to brush up tunes).  The day passes can be either full day ($60) or half day ($45).

Parents and students sometimes ask, "Can I enroll for one week only?"  Our answer is a qualified "yes."  A student can enroll for a single week, but the one week enrollment choice will likely not be enough time for the student to join the Showcase-- he or she will engage in some meaningful process, but not participate in the final outcome.  Occassionally, an experienced student will attend only a single week of the Workshop, but still auditions and is given permission to perform (at the discretion of faculty).  Logically, one week attendance means the student participates with less material to present than peers who attend two full weeks or more.

Student Showcase at 7Stages Theatre, July 21, 2017 

You can read about the 2014 event on our website here, or you can see it posted on Variety's site.  Or you can check out a video clip from summer 2014.

  • Who is eligible? +

    The Performance Workshop is designed for students grades 6-8 and 9-12.  We divide students by age and skill, so we welcome beginners and more advanced students alike.  We also support students who perform classical, jazz, rock, roots, hip hop and more.   

  • Where? +

    During the 2016 school year, we're offering the Performance Workshop Saturdays at CMC Little 5 Points and CMC Dunwoody.  Beginning in August 2017, the Performance Workshop will also be offered at CMC Brookhaven, in the Cliff Valley facility shared with Rivers Academy.  

    Please note:  during the summer, we may be able to provide shuttle or carpool service from CMC Decatur to CMC Little 5 Points.

  • When? +

    During the school year (August-May), Performance Workshop meets in Little 5 Points and Dunwoody on Saturdays from 10:30 to 1:30.  

    Beginning in August 2017, Performance Workshop will also be offered at CMC Brookhaven, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:45 until 6:30.  Students will be able to join us from 1-3 weekday afternoons per week.  This option is particularly convenient for Rivers Academy high school students who want to take lessons and also play in a small chamber ensemble, rock band or jazz combo. 

    The Performance Workshop Summer Sessions begin in June and run for six weeks until the Student Showcase in mid to late July.  Full Day is from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; Half Day is also available, morning only, drop off as early as 8:00 am and pick up by 12:30 pm.  To see specific summer activities by week and location, please consult our Workshop Calendar below.  

    Summer 2017: the Summer Performance Workshop Showcase will be Friday, July 21 at 7Stages Theatre in Little 5 Points.


  • How much, August-May? +

    At CMC Decatur and Little 5 Points, the monthly installments for Performance Workshop rehearsal attendance one day per week:

    • including weekly, 30-minute private lessons is $165 per monthly installment
    • including weekly, 45-minute private lessons is $220 per monthly installment
    • including weekly, 60-minute private lessons is $250 per monthly installment  

    Students are encouraged, but not always required, to take private Studio Lessons when enrolled in the Performance Workshop.  If a student opts out of private lessons (for example, if the student is taking private lessons from someone other than a CMC Atlanta faculty member), but still wishes to participate in Performance Workshop, tuition is $145 per monthly installment.  

    Please note: students who wish to join the Performance Workshop but not take lessons are required to pass an audition/placement interview to enroll. 

    CMC Brookhaven Performance Workshop meets Tuesday-Thursday.  The Workshop is open from 2:45 until 6:30, although students may leave before 6:30.  Fees are, as follows:

    • attend 1-day per week, $180 per monthly installment
    • attend 2-days per week, $250 per monthly installment
    • attend 3-days per week, $336 per monthly installment

    Please note: fees for CMC Brookhaven Performance Workshop include 30-minute private lessons.  There will be an added surcharge for students who enroll in weekly private lessons 45- or 60-minutes in duration.  

    Middle School students who enroll in AMP often participate in the Performance Workshop, if ready.  For Middle School students who enroll in AMP, the monthly fee, which includes all AMP activities plus Performance Workshop.  If you're interested in AMP for Middle School student, please see details under Middle School Progams>AMP


  • How much, June-July? +

    Summer Performance Workshop tuition for grade 6-8 and 9-12 is $360 per week for full day attendance, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Tuition is $225 per week for half day attendance (mornings only).  Workshop Summer Session tuition includes private lessons, group classes and ensemble performance.  

    We offer an incredible discount for students who attend three or more Summer Session weeks.  Third and fourth weeks are $150 each week for full day attendance, and $100 each week for half day.

    Extended day is FREE for full day enrollees, and provides for drop off by 8:00 am and pick up by 6:00 pm.  

    Day Passes (required for students who attend early in the summer but then return for the Showcase in July) are $65 full day, $45 half day.


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Summer Performance Workshop Sessions & Showcase

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